Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Another "Gun" Victim Dead in the Streets

You know, these guns can be pretty vicious critters... um... beasts? No, that's not it. Robots maybe? What the heck do you call an inanimate object that can attack a person?

Just to be safe I only feed my guns the very best in ammo, and clean them religiously with Hoppes #9, CLP or Gibbs (depending on their preferences). I don't want something like this happening to me.

From the Boston Herald:

By Michele McPhee

I wonder what set the gun off, why did it attack an innocent like this? Maybe our industrious reporter will explain all in her report.
A funeral yesterday for a slain reputed gang banger led to yet another shooting in Dorchester, authorities believe, after police found a man suffering from a life-threatening gunshot wound and wearing a black suit and a button emblazoned with the name and face of the deceased.

The 18-year-old victim, identified by sources as David Johnson, was “lying on the sidewalk” outside a store at 140 Harvard St. in Dorchester. He was wearing black pants, a black dress shirt and a button commemorating murder victim Charles Bunch, police said yesterday. He was in critical condition last night, and was not expected to survive, police said.

The suspect was a “black male dressed in black pants, a black dress shirt and wearing a memorial button on his shirt,” said BPD spokeswoman, Elaine Driscoll.

The suspect fled on foot and remained at large last night. A source told the Herald he was wearing the same button as his victim.

Wait a second, now I am confused. There is a human suspect in this incident? Not quite what the headline would lead one to believe is it?

One short paragraph in the middle of the report is a bit of genius on the part of our reporter.

Bunch had a rap sheet that included two arrests for shootings, sources said. Of the 284 shooting incidents that have left Bostonians wounded or killed this year, 75 percent have been linked to gang violence, according to BPD Commissioner Edward Davis.

Gangs and the revolving door justice system working hand in hand to make Boston a better place for gang members and goblins. If someone were to focus on those two issues, maybe Boston could get a handle on it's violent crime rate.

The last sentence of the report:

...a man survived a nighttime gun attack.
There go those dastardly guns, again.


Fits said...

It is quite apparent that these guns have taken over their former masters and in fact are intent on ruling the world. Doesn't seem to be anything we can do to stop them, either.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

PN NJ said...

After reading this post I flashed on an image of a giant revolving door with numerous gang bangers simultaneously circling the door and shooting each other. "Revolving door justice" didn't seem so bad.

(Must get more coffee.)