Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Glock vs 1911, 1000 round match

There was a "shoot 'til you fail" 1000 round match that pitted Glocks against 1911 style pistols held in Oklahoma recently. Nine Glocks and seven 1911's started the match, one of each finished. The Glock won on time.

For more information from a thread on The High Road, go here.

A local range held these matches for a couple of years, and I missed out on shooting one. From the comments on the THR thread, it appears that there will be a match in North Texas early next Spring, hopefully I will be able to shoot it.

Hey Fits, you can stay at my place if you want to join us!

H/T to Say Uncle

Update: A date has been set for the Spring North Texas match. April 26th. I'm in like Flynn. More info here.


Fits said...

Decades favoring the 1911, and even I switched when I saw how flat out reliable the GLOCK was as a combat sidearm. Going to have to look at the High Road postings to see for myself, but it'd be hard to fathom an untouched 1911 (not costing $3K) staying even close to Gaston's plastic fantastic.

Fits said...


If the wing heals I might just take you up on that offer.

Fits said...

Just as I suspected. Tricked out 1911 takes on $600 G-17.

In all fairness, I doubt that any of the Colts are carried on a daily basis. Hard to meet anyone packing a fullsized 1911 anymore.

JR said...

I hope you do take me up on my offer, V and I would love to have you.

I want to shoot it just 'cause.

If I purchase another 1911 for carry, it will most likely be full size. 95% of my carry is IWB, the extra barrel length should not be much of a problem.

Fits said...

For me, barrel length has never been impossible to bear but I do confess to preferring a shorter tube particularly when a great deal of sitting is in the cards. Quite frankly there is no perfect rig or gun size and its all a compromise one way or another but I tell every newbee who asks that carrying what your most likely to KEEP carrying is always the best way to go.

JR said...

"...that carrying what your most likely to KEEP carrying is always the best way to go."

That is it in a nutshell. The 1911 is comfortable for me to carry, more comfortable than my wallet even.

Anonymous said...

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