Sunday, October 07, 2007

Day at The Range

V and I headed out to the range to work on some basics. Grip, sight picture and trigger control for V, drawing from concealment and double taps for me. I also wanted to get some time in with the AR. It was a beautiful day, partly cloudy with a little breeze with the temperature in the high 80's.

This was the first time at the range for V since her class, and she started out just a bit rusty, but by the end of the day she was very happy with her improvement. I think that a little work on hand and wrist strength will do wonders for her.

I am changing my draw from concealment routine a bit. I have been using my strong hand thumb to hook under the edge of my shirt, lift the shirt over my sidearm, and then grasp the pistol. I am now working on using my weak hand to grasp and lift my shirt to help clear the pistol, this keeps the shirt out of the way of my draw. This also places my weak hand in a better position for completing my two handed grip and seems to make the movement from the draw to getting my sights on target smoother. The next Defensive Pistol Match is the 27th, there will be a lot of dry fire practice between now and then.


John Hardin said...

The thing that worries me most about the Hackathorn Rip is that your off hand is no longer free for blocking...

Some commentary at

JR said...

Hey John;

Thanks for the link, and the name for what I am trying to accomplish. I am still working through it all, looking for a bit of improvement. It seems that with the off hand assisting with clearing a shirt or jacket, your arm is in a natural shielding position. A Karambit located where the off hand can get to it may be a good idea.

Lots to think about and work on.