Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The "Only Ones" Losing Fringe Benefits

From Yahoo News:

Now that's going to affect recruitment for the Brussels Department of "Only Ones".

BRUSSELS (AFP) - A Brussels police chief has warned his officers to abstain from visiting brothels and drinking alcohol during working hours, Belgium's La Derniere-Heure newspaper has reported.

In an office note dated May 28, reprinted by La Derniere-Heure, police chief Erwin Renard reminded staff of "certain ethical rules" that had apparently been ignored while he was on sick leave.

He wrote: "These staff think that working hours are for drinking alcohol when no other drinks are available, playing sport, frequenting 'brothels' or other massage parlours, developing intimate relationships with residents of their neighbourhood or during their patrols...".
It's all fun and games until the chief gets back.

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