Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tea Party Poster Bleg

This is my idea for a Tea Party Poster.

Now how do I make it large enough to put on a poster, and keep the image sharp enough to look good?

Edit: Robb has a great "Maximize Your Freedom" bumper sticker here.


Crucis said...

My wife and I are attending the KC Tea Party tomorrow afternoon. If you don't mind, I'll copy your poster and show it at our Tea Party.

Good Ideas need to be advertised.

Frances Clements said...

It would be a good idea to remake it with a canvas size the size that you want your poster. Set the resolution to 300. I only know how to do this in Microsoft Digital Image Editor. Start new. Choose a custom canvas size. If it has a maximum smaller than you want, don't worry. That is why you are setting the resolution to 300. To make sure that it is go to the tab marked resize image. Also if you save it as a .jpg, make sure it is set to the largest file setting. You will have to use font size 200 or 300 so if you start typing and don't see anything it is because the font too little for your huge canvas. Undo the typing you just did and make the font huge. That is all I know about it. Wal-mart does posters around 14 x 20 size for cheap that look great, but I don't know if you can get them in 1 hour. Kinko's has a deal where they will mount an medium size poster to foam core and laminate for about $50 (I think). That would make it easier to hold. Anyway, sorry to go so long, but I hope that is helpful.

Todd said...

If you take the digital image to a sign maker they can reproduce it in vinyl. And most printers can manipulate it to make it bigger, if they are any good.

Old NFO said...

Looks good! Wish I could get off to attend... sigh...

John R said...

Crusis - Use away.

AC - All I have to work with is Paint.

ALS - I'll see what Kinko's can do with it tomorrow.

NFO - No worries mate. I'll gather up at least one more body to take your place.