Monday, January 22, 2007

Anderson Says He's Done With Street Life

Remember this guy... Would Be Burglar Gets More Than He Anticipated?

He is the goblin that broke into a couple of homes in South Dallas, was caught by a homeowner and got beat for his trouble.

Well now he is recovering and taking to the reporters.

DALLAS -- A man who was beaten up by a homeowner after allegedly burglarizing his house offered an apology on Friday.

Marquis Anderson said he does not remember the events two weeks ago, when police said he broke into a man's house, stole a gun, then broke into a second house, was confronted by the owner and badly beaten.

"I might have broken into the house; I might not (have)," Anderson said. "You know what I'm saying? I'm not saying I did, 'cause I don't know. So, if I had a gun, why do I look like this?"
You look like that because you stepped into a pile of crud that was a bit above your head.

Okay, maybe more than a bit:

Anderson was hospitalized with a broken nose, collapsed lungs and a damaged liver, and he didn't wake up for six days, NBC 5 reported. Anderson said he admits that if he did what police said he did, he deserved what he got.

"He had the right to protect his property -- I give it to him," Anderson said. "I apologize to him. But I was under the influence."
Yep, let's blame it on the drugs. It may be a backhanded apology, but it is an apology none-the-less. It will be interesting to see how this case pans out in court.

Now we get to the heart of the matter. This case answers the age old question "Is corporal punishment effective?"

Anderson said he has learned his lesson.

"My life is completely changed, honestly," Anderson said. "Look at me. You think I haven't learned my lesson about this? Come on, man, you have to think about it? It's self-explanatory."

He admits that he has been in trouble before but swears this is the last time.

"Whatever it takes," Anderson said. "Get a job. The first day I get out -- the second I get out. It doesn't matter. I'm getting a job. I'm completely done with the street life, man, for real."
Maybe if he had received some loving discipline when he was young, he would not have required a trip to the hospital to learn this lesson.

Kind of makes California's proposed No Spanking Law seem kind of stupid now doesnt it?

Say Uncle used a part of this article as a "quote of the day".

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me said...

The apology sounds more like the "trendy" apologize and get away with anything thing that's going around. You just say you're sorry and go into rehab, whatever the hell that is, and you get a pass.

A serious ass kicking, or a good spanking does do wonders. Kalifornia's proposed law will just make MORE people like this guy, more parentless children, more wards of the state...and do I even need to say it, MORE crime. The patients are running the asylum.