Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Store Clerk With Claws

Another Goblin that got a little bit more than he expected when he set out to rob someone who he thought was weak and defenseless. This store clerk had claws, and he may have gotten more than he expected, but no less than he deserved.

In the video, the announcer states that this was the first time she has fired a gun. She did a darn good job for someone just using instincts to protect herself.

This video shows us a couple of things. First is that a revolver is a very good weapon to have, even someone who has never fired a handgun can be effective with it. Second is that under stress, and without training, folks shoot handguns one handed.

The ownership of the firearm was not brought out in the video. If it belongs to the store owner, then the owner should have provided training for the employees. As I wrote in my previous post, if you are going to have a firearm, you are responsible for becoming proficient in the safe handling and use of that firearm.

I found this video on Shooting The Messenger.


the pistolero said...

under stress, and without training, folks shoot handguns one handed

I try to shoot both one- and two-handed when I am practicing; lately I've found out I do better with the Weaver than the isosceles, at least when I am shooting with two hands. I don't know for sure that I'd go to Weaver under stress, though...

Fits said...

Under duress I always shot one handed. That of course was before 2-handed grips were popular. Practice, then more practice, then under duress I shot one handed.

Unknown said...

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