Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Disaster Preparedness

Last year Smith & Wesson introduced the Model 500ES, Emergency Survival Kit;

Emergency Survival Kit, Smith & Wesson Style

This kit was designed for those who spend a lot of time in bear country and includes a S&W 500 along with some other survival gear. Click the image if you want more details on this kit.

This year Smith & Wesson is introducing a survival package for the rest of us. It is the Disaster Ready Kit - Allied Forces Model (SW40VE 10).

Disaster Ready Kit, Smith & Wesson Style

This kit contains the following:

    • SW40VE (10+1 Rounds)
    • Waterproof Hardigg® Storm Case
    • Crank Radio and Flashlight Combo
    • Pocket Survival Pack
    • Light & Fast Trail First Aid Kit
    • Emergency Food for 4 People (for 3 days)
    • 12" x 12" Waterproof Document Bag
    • Water Purification Tablets
    • 44 Mag Multi-Tool and Case
    • (4) Space Blankets

The SW40VE is the .40 calibre version of Smith & Wesson's Sigma Series of pistols. This kit is also available with the 14 +1 magazine.

This is a very basic 72 hour survival kit for four, plus firearm. Outdoor Life indicates that retail price for this kit is $790.00. At this price you could build the kit yourself for less out of pocket cost (pistol and case would come to around $500.00). If you were to purchase this kit for convenience, or just because, I would add cutouts for a couple boxes of ammunition. This would be a decent throw it in the trunk and forget about it kit. So long as you get plenty of range time with the included pistol, this kit (or a similar one you make yourself) could very well save your life.

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Anonymous said...

I think this is a great kit - although the range time like you mentioned is important. I pan to create a similiar kit myself although with a different pistol - a S&W MP 9mm or similiar firearm such as a Glock. I ave a MP9 now - great gun.