Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Historical Firearms Offered in Online Auction

USPRwire is reporting that the Robert Howard Firearms Collection Available for Online Bidding. This is the largest collection of American firearms ever offered up at auction.

Proxibid, a premier provider of live auction broadcasting services, today announced that the Robert Howard Collection, Part II, of firearms will be available for online bidding at the Proxibid Web site February 5-6, 2007. The live auction will take place in San Francisco at the Greg Martin Auctions Gallery and in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, at The Frank Jones Center.

Mr. Howard’s family has a deep military history, which was the catalyst for his firearms collection several years ago. During WWII, Mr. Howard served in the US Military in Europe as a Company Commander for more than thirty months; served as Trial Judge Advocate of several General Courts Martial trying felony cases in Summerset, Devon and Cornwall Counties, England; and was awarded five Campaign medals beginning with the Normandy Campaign. An avid firearms collector, Mr. Howard has amassed a collection of American firearms representing the finest condition and selection in private hands. The full 30 years of Mr. Howard’s collecting will be available at the auction.

“This is one of the finest gun collections available at auction today,” said Greg Martin, of Greg Martin Auctions.“ Mr. Howard is a legend among gun collectors. By offering this auction online, gun collectors from around the globe will have the opportunity to participate in and win some of the most sought-after firearms available.”

Highlights of this auction include:
• Lot 459: Fine Colt Texas Paterson or Holster Model Revolver of New England Sea Captain Seth Lewis Loring, with California Gold Rush History;
• Lot 745: Exceptional Early Model Henry Lever Action Repeating Rifle (Circa 1862);
• Lot 1: Rare U.S. Martial Second Contact North & Cheney Single-Shot Flintlock Pistol;
• Lot 3: Rare and Historic U.S. Martial Rappahannock Forge Revolutionary War Flintlock Light Dragoon Pistol, with SCHREIDER Barrel Marking, c. 1776-77 Together with Collection of Excavated Relics Recovered From the Site of the Original Rappahannock Forge;
• Lot 121: Exceptional Sharps Model 1874 Buffalo Rifle Together with Associated Wooden Travel Case and Buffalo Hunter's Accessories.
The online auction catalog includes 21 pages of quality firearms and accessories that date from the 1700's.

Click on images for more information on the firearms illustrated.

Lot # 125

Sharps-borchhardt Model 1878 Single Shot Breechloading Long Range Target Rifle

Lot # 173

Exceptional Maynard First Model Breechloading Civil War Carbine

Lot # 307

Fine W.W. Marston Three-barrel Derringer Pistol

There is something for everyone at this auction, antique ammunition in unopened boxes, Civil War era Bowie Knives, and a plethora of historical firearms in excellent condition.


Anonymous said...

So...did you win anything? I don't remember shipping anything to Arlington, Texas...

John R said...

No, sure didn't.

I would like to do an article on the Meigs that you have listed for the June sale.

If you have some history and more images, I would appreciate it.


Unknown said...

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