Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It is Well Past Time to Secure Our Borders.

From the Houston Chronicle

Houston gang suspect wanted in decapitations


A suspected MS-13 gang member arrested Saturday on assault and immigration charges is wanted in Honduras for the decapitation slayings late last year of his former in-laws.

Albin Zelaya-Zelaya, 26, was charged in October for burglary of a habitation with intent to commit aggravated assault. He also was wanted by federal authorities for entering the country illegally, officials said.

Investigators learned Zelaya-Zelaya, also known as Flaco, slipped into the United States sometime after Christmas, the day when Eleazar and Suyapa Vasquez were murdered in their home in Honduras.

Also arrested Saturday were Zelaya-Zelaya's brother, Pablo Romero, 31; Miguel Estrada, 21; Johnny Fernandez, 27; Marlin Turcios, 20; and Marcos Caldron, 24. They were charged with evading arrest and and also face immigration charges, police said.

The men are suspects in a series of kidnappings of illegal immigrants in the Houston area, police said.

Romero also is wanted in the slaying of the Vasquez couple, police said.

According to Interpol, Zelaya-Zelaya is wanted for questioning about a December 2004 attack on a bus in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, that killed almost 40 people, Houston police said.
MS-13 are some very, very evil goblins. They make SUR 13 look like a Boy Scout troop. If you have not heard about MS-13, do a Google search for "machete attacks", you will learn all you need to know. This gang has prompted Massachusetts to get tough. Check out Senate Bill 1384, An Act Relative to the Possession of a Machete.

Isn't our illustrious representative from Massachusetts one of the major players stumping for open borders and amnesty programs for illegal aliens?

We are represented by idiots.

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