Monday, January 29, 2007

Look What Followed me Home!

I was tooling around the neighborhood the other day, just looking around and checking out the new and interesting items folks had put up for auction. Gunbroker always has something interesting if you look hard enough, and it is a good place to determine firearm values before you go to a gun show or pawn shop.

Well anyway, I opened my email this morning and guess what - A 1964 Ruger Mark 1 decided to follow me home!

1964 Ruger RST-6 Mark 1

The adoption papers have been forwarded and it will be on it's way tomorrow.

Gotta love those 1 cent/no reserve auctions.

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Fits said...

I've been trying to find an honest FFL dealer here for the express purpose of catchign such good deals.

Here's the rub. Most of these rip-off artists want $35 just to effect the transfer, then try tacking on even more when you pick up the gun, calling it a "handling fee."

Problem is I've only lived here 14 months and it's know somebody or get screwed. One of the guys at a local gun club was doing it for me for $10, but the inconsiderate SOB has been out of the country for a while.

Nice pick up.