Friday, January 26, 2007

Campus RKBA Roundup #6, Request for Submissions!

Jeremy over at The Mad Hatter started the Campus RKBA Roundup. The Roundup consists of news articles and editorials from the countries college newspapers. It allows us to keep an eye on what our upcoming generation is saying about the Second Amendment and RKBA issues.

Jeremy has gotten quite busy on the home front and is taking a bit of a sabbatical from blogging. Since what he started is such a great idea, I asked if I could take over the roundup until he is ready to start blogging again.

Jeremy has given me the go ahead. The Campus RKBA Roundup will be temporarily hosted here, by yours truly. Roundup #6 will be posted next Saturday (To see 1 thru 5 go here).

So if you come across an RKBA related article in a college paper, and would like it included in the Roundup, please forward it to me by Friday evening. Email address is in my profile.

The Campus RKBA Roundup was one of my favorite reads, so it should be fun to take over the reins for a bit.

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