Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Accidental gun fatalities hit low Point

Fatalities due to accidental/negligent of a firearm are heartbreaking events that leave families and friends stunned. The sad truth of the matter is that pretty much each and every one of these incidents could be prevented by safe and proper handling of all firearms.

If you watch the news and listen to the anti's, you would think that accidental/negligent firearms related deaths are on the rise. The facts show that quite the opposite is true.

From South Coast Today:

By Marc Folco

Today, the annual number of accidental firearm-related fatalities (730) is down 77 percent from a high of 3,200 in 1930. In comparison to the 730 accidental gun deaths, 809 die from being struck by an object, 893 die from natural heat or cold, 1,307 suffocate, 3,306 drown, 3,369 die from fires, flames and smoke, 4,272 choke, 17,229 fall to their death, 19,457 are poisoned and 44,757 are killed in car accidents.
Did you catch that? Down 77% since 1930!

In 1930, there were approximately 110 million people in the United States, today there are over 300 million. If you adjust the numbers for the population increase, the results are very impressive.

In 1930 there were 2.9 accidental deaths due to firearms per 100,000 people.

Today there are .24 accidental deaths due to firearms per 100,000 people.

That is almost a 92% decrease in accidental/negligent firearm-related fatalities since 1930.

The author of the article lists a few factors contributing to this accomplishment:

The decline is attributed to a number of factors including firearm safety education programs by educational groups like the NSSF and the NRA, state-affiliated hunter education programs, free locking devices shipped with new firearms and advances in firearm designs and manufacturing.
I would like to add a couple of thing that I think have helped decrease accidental/negligent shootings:

  • Jeff Cooper. By publishing and advocating the Four Rules of Firearm Safety, Jeff Cooper has done more than any other individual or government entity to increase the safe handling of firearms the world over. The Four Rules, when followed, prevent accidental/negligent discharges.
  • This is one area where the media may have actually helped instead of hindered. When there is an accidental/negligent firearm related death, the media is all over it. This has increased awareness of the dangers associated with unsafe handling of firearms and caused folks to be more responsible.

Jeff Cooper, the media, gun magazines, hunting and shooting organizations, shooting ranges, gun shops and blogs have all worked together to raise awareness of firearm safety. A higher level of awareness equals a safer population.

We can do better. We can reduce deaths due to negligent firearm handling by another 90%. If you own a firearm, be responsible. Teach everyone in your house the proper and safe way to handle a firearm, make it as instinctual as buckling a belt.

If you are interested in learning more about firearm safety, I have posted some good information here.

Thanks to ACE over at Airborne Combat Engineer for leading me to this article.


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