Monday, March 26, 2007

Guns 'n' church for Britney Spears

What do you do if you are against a free citizen's right to keep and bear arms, have a lot of money, and are worried about your personal safety? Why hire an armed body guard of course.

From The Post Chronicle:

Britney Spears has found religion. Well, sorta. Britney Spears' weekend trip to church sparked controversy yesterday when a security guard pulled a gun on a photographer.

The singer spent her first Sunday morning after her recent rehab stint at the Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles--a regular haunt of top religious celebrities.

But the Sunday service was anything but peaceful after a security guard threatened to shoot a photographer who was attempting to get pictures of Spears at prayer.

The paparazzo was detained and later released.
This short story says much more than it intends about the "Way Things Are" in the People's Republic of Kalifornia.

There are different laws for different classes of people in California. A rich celebrity (who is an anti-gun hypocrite) can hire armed bodyguards to keep the common folks away. Other than the hypocrisy, there is nothing wrong with hiring armed guards to protect yourself. The illustration of how celebrities are treated different than normal folks does not occur until after the bodyguard pulls a firearm on a photographer. If you or I were to pull a firearm on someone for taking our picture, we would be in jail post haste. Not this bodyguard though, he is protecting a celebrity so gets a free pass. Not only was the bodyguard not arrested, but the photographer was "detained".

There is more on this story here.


Anonymous said...

One thank goodness I live in a state that allows CCW.

Two, people like her and the entire situation occourd is what is wrong with America.

Fits said...

I still can't believe how awful the guys stance was...

Captain Kirk said...

There still is some hope in the Peoples Democratic Republic Of Kommiefornia. I live up north in Placer County and the Sheriff up here is pretty reasonable in the issuance of CCWs. In fact, there are a few counties up here in the north that are this way. Part of the reason for this is that these areas a rural or semi-rural. Forget it if you live in a city, unless you are well-connected or, as you pointed out, part of the double-standard elite.