Friday, March 02, 2007

While the DA's are Busy Lobbying Against Castle Doctrine...

Many County District Attorneys have had representative in Austin all week lobbying against the proposed Texas Castle Doctrine/Stand Your Ground Law. They are putting a lot of effort into limiting free citizen's rights to defend themselves against goblins.

Maybe if they concentrated on the job we hired them for, there would be less goblins on the streets for us to defend against.

From the Star Telegram:

By Melissa Vargas

A 19-year-old Bedford man with a record of theft charges was indicted Wednesday in connection with stolen property from at least three Northeast Tarrant County suburbs, police say.

Matthew Eric Dever is accused of breaking into a car in Grapevine, stealing a car in Watauga and burglary of a habitation in Keller, officials said. He remained in jail Thursday in lieu of $85,000 bail.
This little goblin has been busy

Police say it all started Jan. 9...
I think the police might be a little off on the start date. Remember the first sentence of the article? "...with a record of theft charges..." How far back did that record start?

Dever has an extensive record of arrests beginning in September, including accusations of forgery and aggravated robbery in North Richland Hills; unauthorized possession of a weapon, tampering with government records and possession of a controlled substance in Hurst; and burglary of a habitation in Fort Worth.
"...beginning in September," Makes you wonder when his 19th birthday fell. Good money says no earlier than October.

Question for the DA's. How far is this goblin going to have to go to prove to you he needs to be isolated from society?


the pistolero said...

Headline in the Beaumont Enterprise this week: "Bill is license to kill." Looks like we're not immune from leftist bias here either....

Dave said...

So, I suppose the "shoot, shovel, and shut up" method is out of the question? (to protect from the criminals AND the lawyers!)

Dave said...

A question for you. Has anyone done any polling regarding this bill? If so, do you know the results? One of the biggest problems with politicians, is they don't listen to their constituants.They do as they please. Not what they were elected for.

Anonymous said...

Question for the DA's. How far is this goblin going to have to go to prove to you he needs to be isolated from society?

How about never far enough? If the DA's actually did their jobs, crime wouldn't pay as well, and they'd have nothing to do to warrant their salaries.