Saturday, March 10, 2007

I Really Do Not Understand the Logic

From the Rockford Register Star:

Chief Judge Kathryn Zenoff sentenced Salvador Rubio Friday to 60 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections — 30 years for the murder and another 30 years because he used a firearm to commit the crime.
The fact that this young goblin has received a 60 year sentence is great news. I am a firm believer in isolating murderers and other violent criminals from society. What confuses me about the sentence is the fact that it is split into two separate offences. The goblin received 30 years for killing a man, a 30 year kicker was added because he used a firearm. Would the victim be any deader if he was killed with a knife, hammer or pencil? Does the family really care what tool was used to take their loved one from them? How has our justice system devolved into this state of add ons and special circumstances? A murder is a murder. It really does not matter to the victim or the survivors what was used to commit the crime, only the fact that the crime was committed. This is in the same vein as hate crimes, any fool can tell you that if you murder someone, you pretty much passed the hate test. This goblin received an appropriate sentence for murder. Why do we have to use a kicker to get to 60 years, isn't murder enough?

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sweettness said...

you are right JR..a murder is a murder!!!! no matter what form of violence is used.. my godson was killed by a drunk driver a couple years back and well...the man denied drinking and driving..but a 16 year old was buried..didnt get much more than a slap on the wrist so once again a murder is a murder!!!!