Friday, March 09, 2007

Revolving Door Justice in Cleveland

There were two major news stories while I was in Cleveland. The first was the tragic accident that involved the Bluffton University Baseball Team's bus as they were in route to Florida for a Spring tournament. The second was an equally tragic shooting of a young lady named Johanna Orozco. Johanna was shot with a shotgun at close range by her ex-boyfriend, a goblin named Juan Ruiz. Johanna survived, but remains in critical condition. She will be looking forward to a very long and painful process as the doctors attempt to reconstruct her face.

This is another violent crime that the justice system should have prevented. This 17 year old goblin, a known violent offender, was on the street with the blessing of a county magistrate.

In November, the goblin was arrested at school for carrying a revolver at school. He plead guilty to a felony charge.

December the goblin was expelled from school.

January a county magistrate dropped all charges against the goblin, even though he had plead guilty. This was done "for the benefit of the minor".

So what does jr. goblin do with his new found freedom? He rapes his ex-girlfriend at knife point. Yep, this goblin who deserved to have felony charges dropped by a magistrate, rapes Johanna.

Johanna reports the rape, the goblin is arrested for his second felony in four months. Whew, now we have this goblin off the streets, finally....

Nope, this magistrate sends him home on house arrest. They put an ankle bracelet on him and send him home.

Wearing his ankle bracelet, he leaves home and hunts down Johanna. When he finds her, he shoots her in the face with a shotgun. Now, finally, he is behind bars.

Watch the video here.

When you watch the video, note that Dad (who does not speak English) affirms that his son is a good boy.

Why do the anti's blame the gun when situations like this make the root issues so very obvious?

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CAN'T blame the minority member, or minority members wouldn't vote for them.