Saturday, March 24, 2007

More Guns Banned by HR 1022

The most recent issue of American Rifleman has an article titled "Show Me What's New in '07". A good bit of "What's New in '07" could become "What's Banned in '07" should HR 1022 be passed.

Here are the firearms from the April edition of the American Rifleman that would be banned under HR 1022:

From Auto-Ordnance -

Thompson 1927A-1 with Detachable Buttstock

The Thompson 1927, The Thompson M1, and the Thompson 1927 Commando are banned by name in HR 1022. Auto-Ordnance is pretty much SOL if this becomes law.

From Berretta -

Rx4 Storm

Beretta lists this as "The Beretta Rx4 Storm is the most advanced semiautomatic rifle ever designed. This .223 special purpose rifle emphasizes individual performance with ergonomic adjustment and ambidextrous controls." Well that barrel shroud would make this a banned firearm under HR 1022.

From Cobb Manufacturing -

COBB Multi Caliber Rifle - MCR 200

MCR-400 Series Rifle Caliber: 338 Lapua Magnum (8.6x70mm)

I honestly do not know how badly Cobb Manufacturing would be hurt by a loss of pretty much all civilian sales due to the passage of HR 1022, but I think it would be a significant hit. Cobb had invested a lot of R@D dollars to perfect their MCR's, money down the drain if HR 1022 becomes law.

From D.P.M.S. -

Panther LR-260L in .260 Remington

Panther LR-TAC20 in .308 Winchester

DPMS is another company that will be severely affected if it loses civilian sales due to HR 1022.

From FNH-USA -

FN SLP Mark 1

This beautiful semiautomatic shotgun has a fixed magazine capacity greater than 5 rounds. This is way too much firepower for a free citizen to handle.

PS90 TR (Triple Rail)

Barrel shroud, thumb hole grip, forward grip... All banned attributes of a firearm by HR 1022.

There you have it. Some of the best new firearms of the year would be banned if HR 1022 is allowed to go forward. These companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on research and development to improve upon firearm platforms, they need the civilian market sales to keep this research going. Why is this research important? It is important because our soldiers will benefit from improved small arms. Remove the civilian money from the small arms industry, our military will suffer.

Here is the full text of HR 1022

Edit to add: I just checked, and there are now 33 cosponsors to this bill. I guess it is a good thing that "Gun control is a dead issue".


Fits said...

This angers me beyond the capacity to think straight.An evil thought would have certain dumocraps investing in firearms manufacturers knowing full well that the run on such products will be vast, given the fear a new ban has instilled.

Lets face it; if Hillary becomes the Oval Orifice she might just be able to convince Congress to re-institute the ban.I still believe that Bus would use his veto power, but RodHam or Julie Annie most certainly not.

John R said...

I think Bush would sign a new AWB, especially if it gets watered down to read the same as the old AWB. He did make a campaign promise to sign the AWB, and the anti's will hold him to it.

Fits said...

Hopefully, he's wiser now, having seen what his kneejerk, lets make friends with the loons has led him to. If ANYONE in Washington has been really paying attention to the good old fashioned ass whoopin we've handed the latest bunch of RINO's disguising themselves as patriots, then they'll be singing a different tune. For years I've been saying that our supposed friends in the media have been either clueless or working as double agents, and its good to see someone else begin outing them.