Monday, May 07, 2007

.22 Long Range Silhouette Match

Johnson County Shooting Sports Asc.
Is Hosting the
6th. Annual Texas & Southwest Regional
22 Long Range Silhouette Championships Match,
May 20

The JCSSA is sponsoring the sixth annual .22 Long Range Rifle Silhouette Championship Match for Texas and Southwest Regional. This will be a 40, 60 or 80 round match depending upon the number of entries. The match is shot with single shot rifles and open or target sights, no optics.

Silhouette Targets

The match consists of shooting at steel silhouette chickens at 80 meters, pigs at 120 meters, turkeys at 154 meters and rams way out there at 200 meters. Chickens are shot in the standing off-hand position. All other animals may be shot from a prone or sitting position with the aid of cross sticks. The targets (and the ranges) are 2/5th scale of the BPCR Silhouette Matches. Spotting scopes are used.

This match is open to all class shooters and the entry fee is $35.00. This is a non sanctioned match

For more information on the match, go here.

This is one of my favorite competitions, I really enjoy watching those rams fall at 200m. If you think you might have any interest in this at all, come on out. It is a great bunch of folks that shoot this, and we are at all skill levels. I can pretty much guarantee a good time.

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