Thursday, May 03, 2007

First interview: Hero in 2002 shooting dislikes gun bans

An interview with Mikael Gross, one of the folks that subdued the goblin during the 2002 shooting at The Appalachian School of Law.

From The Hook (Charlottesville's Homepage):

By Lisa Provence

The Appalachian School of Law, set in tiny, scenic Grundy, was the scene of a mass shooting in 2002.

Mikael Gross has thought a lot about that terrible day at Virginia Tech. After all, he was involved in a similar incident at a Virginia college, a shooting where three people were killed.

The difference? Gross and another student drew their guns, and students subdued the gunman...
Head on over and read the rest for yourself. Michael Gross is a former LEO and was at one time the chief of police at Brevard College in North Carolina. Mr Gross is currently the legislative counsel for the North Carolina General Assembly and has some interesting thoughts on the subject of concealed carry on school campuses.

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