Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Drama in the Texas Senate

Some legislation just makes so much sense that a person has to wonder why there is even any debate on the issue.

From the Star Telegram:

By John Moritz

AUSTIN -- In a dramatic showdown on the Senate floor Tuesday, Republican Lt. Gov.
David Dewhurst called for a vote on legislation that has been an anathema to Democrats all year and won a short-lived victory.

But by the time the dust settled, the outnumbered Senate Democrats regrouped to block the chamber’s presiding officer.

At issue was legislation that would require voters to show official identification before casting ballots at the polls. Republicans say the measure, which has already cleared the House, would ensure that non-citizens cannot cast votes in national, state and local elections.

But Democrats have called it a cynical attempt to suppress the votes of minority citizens...
I am confused. Don't minorities have ID? Even those considered poor or "underprivileged" have to have ID to collect welfare, food stamps and unemployment don't they?

I guess politics has nothing to do with good old common sense or even with doing what is right.

If you go and read the entire article, you may get a chuckle at the hoops Dewhurst jumped through to try and get this bill passed.


Anonymous said...

But Democrats have called it a cynical attempt to suppress the votes of minority citizens...

Would that be the minority that are dead, the minority that have already voted in another precinct, or the minority that are...um...undocumented..."citizens"?

Just curious.

BobG said...

All of the above, Saulorcurt.

John R said...

I understand that during the last elections, the Dems were actively recruiting illegals to vote.

It simple amazes me that folks will work so hard to do things that are obviously detrimental to our way of life for pure political gain.

the pistolero said...

You think that's bad? What's worse are those who try to cast it as infringements on people's civil rights a la poll taxes and such. Will the lunacy ever abate?