Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Illegal Is as Illegal Does

From The Eagle Tribune:

By Terry Date

CONCORD - An illegal alien, who lived in Chester, pleaded guilty yesterday to federal charges of firearm possession and lying about his citizenship to obtain a gun as part of a plea agreement.

Carlos Delacruz, 39, who also goes by the name Orlando Rodriguez, is to be sentenced Aug. 6 to two to three years in federal prison, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Peter Papps. The court awaits a presentence investigation report on any prior criminal offenses by Delacruz.
Does being an Illegal Alien count as a "prior criminal offense"? How about identity theft? Oh... let's not mention those, eh?

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Unknown said...

I need a little more info about this case. Just because he lied doesn’t mean that he should have passed the background check. Now if he had some fake IDs and got a gun that way, then we need to give him a lot more time!