Thursday, May 31, 2007

How NOT to Advocate For Gun Rights

I am certain that none of the regular commentators on A Keyboard and a .45 would act in this manner, but I have to post this bit of commentary on activism etiquette on the off chance that a casual reader may be tempted to step over the line.

Under no circumstances do you email anti-gun activist stating:

"I will be protesting you (sic) house real soon. I will disrupt your life and I will be armed... So you better be afraid be very very afraid."
Following that up by bragging...

"I have a laser site on my .50 caliber (rifle) as well as a home made silencer."
... is not just plain ignorant, it will get a SWAT Team waking you up at odd hours of the night.

It turns out that the person sending these emails was attempting two things. First he was trying to scare Tom Mauser, father of Columbine victim Daniel Mauser and an anti-gun activist with Colorado Ceasefire. His second goal was to frame Duncan Philp, a fellow Colorado gun rights activist. Which of these goals is the news media going to focus upon?

On Friday, a Fort Collins gun rights advocate will be sentenced in Jefferson County Court for harassing the father of one of the victims of the Columbine High School shootings.

"This whole episode was very upsetting," says Mauser. "Extremists sometimes become violent -- and I don't think the average person realizes just how much hate mail and grief you get when you become a gun violence prevention advocate. It can be a really ugly world."
Folks, we have to police our own. Bullying, threats and other actions intended to cause fear do nothing more than reinforce the negative image that many of the anti's have of us gunnies. It is hard enough to use logic and facts to overcome emotion, when that emotion is stirred up by threatening behavior it becomes even harder. As we are rightfully up in arms over an anti (who also happens to be an ordained priest) calling for the murder of gun shop owners, the anti's are properly incensed over behavior such as this.

As gunnnies, we believe Mr. Mauser's beliefs are wrong. As Americans, we can use various venues to speak out against those beliefs and attempt to educate those that may listen to Mr. Mauser. We may even attempt to communicate directly with folks such as Mr. Mauser. As people of good will and integrity, we do so in a controlled and respectful manner.

Headlines such as these -

- are never good for our side.

This story found on PR Newswire


Doug Wyllie said...

Thoughtful and well written JR; thanks for the rational, reasonable argument. I couldn't agree more. Cheers,
~ dw

Anonymous said...

What a dumb ass! A laser sight on a sniper rifle is useless. Laser sights are only useful close range.