Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Quisling is Back

Earlier this month I commented on an editorial by John Hansel, my commentary was titled "From One Gun Owner to Another (yeah... right)". It seems that Mr. Hansel had sent his letter off to quite a few papers, and many of the smaller ones published it. I read the responses to this letter in a few of those online versions of the paper, and to say that the response was overwhelmingly against Mr. Hansel's ideas would be an understatement.

It seems that Mr. Hansel has followed up that first effort with another that is even further out of focus with the facts that I feel Mr. Hansel has become delusional, or is just shilling for the anti's under the banner of being a gun owner.

The pistolero has done an excellent job of fisking this latest bit of quisling commentary here.

I would add just one thing to the pistolero's fisking, Mr. Hansel is a provable lier.

He states:

The response to my recent Letter to the Editor has been overwhelming. It proves that there is a growing sentiment to ban the manufacture of repeating arms of all types - rifles or pistols.
A simple google news search of his first letter proves this to be very false.

Head on over and see how the pistolero takes this quisling to task.

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