Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Adding Fuel to the Fire

Yesterday evening I mentioned that Texas Governor Rick Perry proposed that Texas should consider allowing licensed, law-abiding citizens to carry their authorized weapon anywhere in the state.

As you can probably imagine, that added quite a bit of fuel to the gun debate fire.

An article in today's Star Telegram has already generated 16 pages of comments.

Perry said he opposes concealed-gun-toting restrictions at all -- in a hospital, a public school, a beer joint or even the local courthouse.

"The last time I checked, putting a sign up that says don't bring your weapons in here, someone who has ill intent on their mind -- they could care less," Perry told reporters. "I think it makes sense for Texans to be able to protect themselves from deranged individuals, whether they're in church or whether on a college campus or wherever."

As reporters began listing places where concealed-permit holders face restrictions, Perry cut off the questioning and made it clear that he meant anywhere at all.
Just for giggles, I'll highlight a few of the comments from both sides of the issue:


Perry is an idiot for making such a statement. Incredibly irresponsible, and he makes us Texans look like fools.

Posted by: Mike

I agree, completely. Those with concealed carry permits should be allowed to carry their weapons wherever a licensed police officer can do so. Since the inception of the concealed carry permit with required education, there have been very few cases in which the weapons were used inappropriately, and we need the extra firepower to prevent those with no regard for the law, or rights of others, from being able to damage others until the police can arrive.

Posted by: Ronald P. Hunter

We live in a society that accepts restrictions on the amount of mouthwash you can carry on an airplane but we have a governor who doesn't want to restrict where an ordinary person (not a peace officer) can walk around with a loaded gun. We have some pretty skewed ideas about freedom and about what keeps us safe.

Posted by: Name left out

I think this is the first idea Perry has come up with that I can agree with. The individuals that are intent on killing, maiming, harming, crippling, scarring or any of the other negative outcomes of victimizing someone are seeking places that have VICTIMS. VICTIMS are by nature unable to retaliate, unable to respond in kind basicly as helpless as a babe in the cradle. Tell me something you folks denouncing this idea, would you not protect your innocents, your kids, the helpless, from someone intent on harming them if you could? You want to say NO GUNS at all but the shooter doesnt care if they are allowed, they actually like the fact they are not. When was the last time someone stormed an military base, a police station or anywhere else firearms are likely to be present? Correct me if I am wrong but I dont recall one incindent of a lone attacker going to any place like I have mentioned. I am not a criminal however if I was I sure would prefer to be reasonably sure anyone I accosted when pursuing criminal activities was a law abiding non firearm toting type so I didnt have to worry about getting my Darwin Award winnning rearend terminated. Be a victim if you like but allow me the ability to protect myself, my family and god willing you and your family and loved ones as well. Nuff Said.

Posted by: Crow

After Virginia Tech and incident last year at South Hills High School, how can anyone think guns are safe in school? How about someone brings it in school and it falls out of their pocket. Wouldn't that be a nice toy for a 1st grader?


Posted by: Donna Banks

I agree! If you have a license, you should be allowed to carry your weapon wherever you like. I am waiting for the first incident where John/Mary Q. Citizen pulls their weapon out and stops someone who has killed or is in the process of killing innocent people. Public opinion will change when that happens and their loved one is saved because a perfect stranger who has taken the time and spent the money to own and carry a weapon, stops a crazed mass murderer.

Posted by: V.G.

Well, given the Governor's stand on this issue.....carry a concealed weapon anywhere/anytime.....why not make it mandatory that all students in the state of texas be required to carry a gun in their backpacks or lunch boxes....after all, it is their right....right? In fact, if the Governor is so hell-bent on allowing such ridiculous actions (no concealed gun-toting restrictions at all) then he should pony up the money to pay for these weapons for every school-aged child (K-16). So, the next time a group of student's want to take a tour of the Texas Governor's Mansion (why, in God's name would one want to do that?), they will comply with the following: "Please leave all personal items locked inside your vehicle. NO purses, bags, billfolds or cameras/video equipment will be allowed on the grounds.", but will expect to be able to walk in 'packin'....no questions asked!!....leave your cellphones outside, but 'heat' is okay. Only in Texas.....I rest may case.

Posted by: Yet Another Anon

May I share one vivid 9/11 memory with you all? App. 1 hr. after we were attacked, I walked through the halls of my employer at that time, a local college. Staff, faculty, students...all were literally frozen in place with the same terror I felt, but I wanted to survive..I wanted to DO something, anything, to LIVE.
Two hours later as I pulled into the driveway of my very low income predominantly minority neighborhood in SW Fort Worth, nobody was still, no one was paralyzed to say the least.
Many were busy unloading and or loading more street weapons (really big guns)than I had ever seen. What was exceedingly clear: "bad boys" are strapped PERIOD. They always have been-they always will be.Liberals and so called "gun control" proponents, would die of stress related causes if they had a clue as to how many illegal, unregistered, and unknown, handguns, assualt rifles, semi-automatics, etc., gang members, thugs, drug dealers,and otherwise undesireables have and have access to. The minute I hear someone start in with "gun control" rhetoric, I know the reality of who is illegally packing and what I saw come out of automobile trunks on 9/11, would hospitalize "gun control" activists.If we allow unaware good doers to even think they can take guns away from the law abiding,sober, moral people of this country, the thugs in my neighborhood alone, will be murdering and burning on your street, just like they are now doing on my street (South Creek Drive).

Posted by: (Name removed by request)

perry your such a freak, then why the hell should we even have law enforcement?? get rid of them so I can quit paying for their salary, and let the freaking people of america take everything into their own hands that is really what your saying, perry has no idea the magnitude of what he is pushing, does he not know that the world is not what is what in his days?? we have gotten to be a little more qucik draw mcgraws on pulling out the pistols, if that law is passed people will be pulling out their guns for everything, what a ding ding

Posted by: Oh golly, another anon

I agree totally with Mr. Perry. In 2002 another shooting in VA at a university took place where the gunman was stopped by two armed students in that incident three were killed and three wounded. In VA Tech 32 killed & no armed students. Lets see three or 32 how does that weigh out. I agree three is too many to lose, but 32 come on folks. Lets use some accurate thinking.

Posted by: Tracy

Let me get this straight. We are going to allow hormone soaked teens and twenty-somethings--whose judgement is clearly impaired most of the time--to not only have weapons around them in places like schools but also to carry weapons?!?! How many lives do you think will be lost due to someone "dissing" someone else, and instead of punching them pulling out their gun? Thousands of times more than some nut at VA Tech, I would be willing to bet my mortgage. Has Perry gone insane?

Posted by: Ken

I wish I could afford to be as ignorant and naive as those that believe gun control laws will have any impact on future violent crimes involving firearms. Unfortunately, I live in the real world where bad guys aren't hindered by laws that do nothing more than strip the law-abiding of their freedoms. I'll be damned if I give up my means of defending myself, my family, and my neighbors just so the docile can have another ineffectual feel good law.

Posted by: John Collins
Last one I'll post, it makes a great point:

It seems that the comments in favor of this plan take a logical approach, noting why this is a good idea by providing examples. The arguments against it seem to all be based on emotional reaction and personal attacks on Gov. Perry. Those don't hold water with me and are dismissed as individuals who would never agree with anything the Gov. proposes. Thus they marginalize themselves and their objections.

I am hesitant to support this proposal in full, but don't see any rational arguments against it.

Posted by: Mike
There are many more comments in favor of the Governors proposal than against it. I find the shear number of folks who logged on to support removing restrictions on where a CHL can carry very refreshing. I hope some of the other folks in Austin are paying attention.


The Mad Hatter said...

Donna Banks: Prime Candidate for today's "Sit in the Corner, Dumbass, until your knee stops jerking" award.

Didn't she read the proposal? It wasn't allowing freedom of people not normally allowed to carry guns (i.e. First Graders), but those already in possession of a CHL.

Nope, I think she just skimmed the headlines and let the hysteria take it wherever it wanted to go...

Anonymous said...

Actually, mad, I think she knows better. I think she deliberately whipped up this image of first-graders shooting it out at high noon, so she could push the socialist agenda and smear Gov. Perry.