Thursday, February 05, 2009

Do You Remember This...

...image of members of the Mexican military on parade with Barrett .50BMG's?

Lots of .50 Barretts

Steve came across this image last September. In my post "More Gunz N Mexico", I stated:

How long do you think it will be before some of these are in the hands of the drug gangs? Remember this image when the ATF and a compliant news organization starts bemoaning the influx of .50 caliber weapons in the hands of the drug gangs.
Five months, that is how long it took for the cartels to get their hands on Barretts.

From Fox News:

They were armed to the teeth. Their arsenal ranged from... Barrett .50-caliber sniper rifles
Any questions as to where they got these rifles? Not from Fox. The article goes on to describe "straw man" purchases and how easy it is to get contraband across the border into Mexico.

I agree that the Mexican Drug Cartels are a threat to our national security. Mexico is imploding, it does that every once in awhile. What I do not agree with is the assumption that the our liberties are responsible for Mexico's corruption.

We are being blitzed left, right and sideways by the media and the .gov with propaganda stating that the Mexican drug gangs are getting a majority of their arms from American gun shows and gun stores. This propaganda is patently false. Not only is it false, but it is easily provable that it is false.

From the Fox News article:

In November, along the border with Texas, Mexican authorities arrested drug cartel leader Jaime "el Hummer" Gonzalez Duran — one of the founders of "Los Zetas," a paramilitary organization of former Mexican soldiers who decided there was more money to be made in selling drugs than in serving in the Mexican military.
Ummm... is it not logical to assume that these "former" Mexican soldiers have close ties with current Mexican soldiers in a known corrupt Mexican military who might want to make a few dollars selling military weapons?

They were armed to the teeth. Their arsenal ranged from semi-automatic rifles to rocket-propelled grenades...

...150 grenades, 14 cartridges of dynamite, 98 fragmentation grenades, 67 bulletproof vests, seven Barrett .50-caliber sniper rifles and a Light Anti Tank (LAW) rocket.
LAWs rockets, RPGs, grenades, all items not available at your local gun show or neighborhood firearms dealer. These came from either the Mexican military or from .govs further South, as do a vast majority of the small arms in use by these gangs.

Here is another hint as to where these weapons are coming from:

Last week Gen. Ángeles Dahuajare announced that more than 17,000 soldiers had deserted in 2008.

"The Mexican Army is becoming a revolving door for the enforcement arm of the drug cartels; they simply pay better," Stewart said.
Yes, the armed and violent Mexican drug gangs are a threat to the United States. We, the free citizens of the United States, told our .gov that we knew of this threat and demanded that they build a fence. The .gov even passed a law to build such a fence. Where is our damn fence?

So, Mr. Attorney General Holder, before you pen policy to further restrict our liberties, why don't you see to it that our Southern border is secure. This security will reduce the drug traffic North and any illegal firearms traffic heading South. That should be easy for you, seeing as how "we the people" have already approved it.


Old NFO said...

Excellent post and good points! Problem is Holder won't listen...

Anonymous said...

I knew that there was a reason I hot linked to your original article months ago. What surprised me was that it took so long for this to happen.

Kurt '45superman' Hofmann said...

Ah--warpaint is so much cooler than camouflage.