Saturday, February 07, 2009

Paper Targets

Last week Murdoc linked to some cool target ideas on The Ministry of Minor Perfidy.

Shoot the Baddies

This reminded me that I have been meaning to post the latest targets from my favorite target supplier, Law Enforcement Targets. LE targets is pretty much where I purchase all of my paper targets and Otis cleaning supplies. Prices are good, shipping is quick, and quality is excellent. Three good reasons to for them to be on my favorite vendors list.

The newest targets offered by LE Targets are their 2-D School Situational Targets. These are full color life size (or close to life size) targets that can be useful in training individuals who may be involved with active shooter situations at schools, malls or anywhere our kids may be at risk.

A couple examples:

Man With Gun in Hallway

Man With Child Hostage

LE Targets sells pretty much any type of target that you might want to use at your range. Everything from the 25 meter M16/AR15 Zeroing Target to a very wide variety of Steel Targets, Law Enforcement Targets probably has the target you are looking for.


Randy Pollock said...

Just what I was looking for, thanks for the post

Old NFO said...

Thanks JR, I was looking for targets earlier! You saved me a bunch of time and trouble!

phlegmfatale said...

LOVED the Darth Vader target, especially.

You're on me blogroll, overdue as it was. :)

Broadsword said...

"Schools and malls..." There are no kids in danger in these places...Heh.