Wednesday, February 11, 2009

TSRA Foundation Fundraising Banquet

Last March the Texas State Rifle Association created the TSRA Foundation, a charitable foundation that will benefit the shooting sports in Texas.

The First Annual TSRA Foundation Fundraising Banquet will be held the evening of February 27, 2009 on the first evening of the TSRA Annual Meeting in Mesquite, Texas. This banquet is being held in lieu of the Lone Star Friends of NRA banquet that has opened the TSRA Annual Meetings for the past few years.

Dinner tickets for the banquet are only $30 each. Thirty dollars gets you in the door, gets you fed and gets you and yours a very enjoyable evening surrounded by a whole bunch of great folks who are interested in firearms and the shooting sports.

V and I are sponsors of this event.

Three different sponsorship packages are available, beginning as low as $250. Each sponsor will receive incentive merchandise as a token of the Foundation's appreciation. All sponsors will receive the God Bless America statue...
The "Contributing Sponsor" ($250) receives the statue, 2 tickets to the banquet, and a sponsor hat, lapel pin and decal.

The "Sustaining Sponsor" ($500) will also receive a beautiful Leatherman Charge TTI with the TSRA Foundation Logo engraved on the blade.

Leatherman Charge

The "Founding Sponsor" ($1000) will receive 6 tickets to the event, the sponsor hat, lapel pin and decal, and... a Ruger LCP with the TSRA Foundation Logo.

Ruger LCP

I know most of the folks putting on this event and I can guarantee that you will have a great time. For more information on the banquet, go here.

Oh, I almost forgot. There will be a firearm or two available to be won in auctions and games. What firearms you may ask? Here is a partial list:

Thompson M1 Carbine
Kahr PM9093 9mm
Savage Cub T in .22LR
Savage Cub T Pink in .22LR
Savage Model 93 R17XP Camo
Savage Model 11FXP3 .300WSM
Savage Model 114 Classic w/Accu-Trigger in .30-06
Stevens 512 Gold Wing in 28 Gauge
Savage 64 FRD .22LR Red Dot
Stevens Model Cadet Mini Youth .22LR
Stevens Model 200XP Camo
Remington 870 12 ga w/ 30" Full Choke Barrel
Bersa Thunder .380 Semi-Auto
Kimber Custom II .45 ACP
North American .22 Magnum in Walnut Display Case
Walther P-22
Henry Golden Boy .22LR
S & W I-Bolt Rifle
S & W M&P 9mm Semi-Auto Handgun
S & W 22A Pistol
S & W 1911 .45 ACP Semi-Auto
Calico m-100 .22 rifle Pre-ban
Ruger 10-22 Rifle
S & W 642 Revolver
Ithaca Men's Featherlight Pump 20 ga.
Ithaca Women's Featherlight Pump 20 ga.
Remington Model 715 .30-06 Rifle

At least 10 Ruger LCP's!

There will be a wide variety of firearm related gear just waiting for you to bring it home from this banquet. So join us won't you?

To purchase tickets to this event, or to get more information, email Cathy Masella at, or call 1-866-TX-RIFLE (1-866-897-5343) and talk to anyone on the TSRA Staff.

Hope to see you there.


Old NFO said...

Dang, I'm outta pocket and can't get there. Sounds like a good time to be had though! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

JR--I sure wish I could attend but will be at Disney with the kids.

phlegmfatale said...

dagnabbit - I'm going to be out of town, too. :(