Sunday, February 08, 2009

FireHand Started a ... on John Kerry's views on tax cuts vs .gov spending with John Kerry is an arrogant statist bastard, and finished it with:

God DAMN these people, one and all. Kerry, it's none of your damned BUSINESS how I spend my money; Bill Clinton, same to you you controlling piece of crap. And there are far too many vile beings in DC who think the same way but don't have the nerve to say it out loud, or just realize that saying it just might upset the peasants.
It seems that a Socialist, pro bailout, anonymous welfare recipient took issue with what FireHand had to say.

Little did he know the error of his ways.

FireHand responds: My post about Sen. John Effing Kerry (Royalist-MA),


Old NFO said...

Good points all... Seems the direction is that us peons are not smart enough to actually spend our own money, now the powers that be will do it for us. NOT!!! They can keep their grubby paws off what I earn, and I WILL spend as I choose! More AMMO!!!

Dan said...

I can find no holes to poke in that bit of commentary, nor in its precursor. Tax cuts, not targeted spending is the best we could hope for. But, considering the batch of incompetents that is working on this are the same ones who helped us get here, expecting them to let us fix it ourselves is unreasonable. There is no sense in creating a mass panic and then not try and appear to be our savior(s). No, they did not single-handedly contrive this mess, but they certainly did not hinder it.