Tuesday, February 10, 2009

These Three Senate Republicans Have...

...basically handed the Democrats a super-majority in the Senate.


Even John McCain voted against this fiasco. Arlen Specter, you sir have to go. I do not know what exactly you think you may gain by supporting Socialism and big government, but you have crossed the line one time too many. Your support of the Eric Holder confirmation was enough to garner my support for any Republican candidate who challenges you in the primaries. Your support of this so called "stimulus" package solidifies my contempt for you and my desire to see you gone.

Senators Snowe and Collins, It has been a very long time since I have been to Maine. The Maine I recall will not put up with your statist voting record. Here is to hoping that the good folks of Maine put you out on your asses.

The image was taken from the GetLiberty.org column When Compromise Leads to Capitulation by Isaac MacMillen. It is a good read and goes into some depth on these Senators voting records.


catfish said...

Yep. They suck. I heard Specter on the radio and he was a total dumbass trying to explain why he voted for this abortion of a bill.

"we've got to do SOMETHING!"

Yeah, whatever.

I hope they get their asses handed to them at the next election, but I'm not holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Spector's entire career has been payoff for the Warren Commission cover up -

Spector is a traitor - he is the poster boy for screwing american citizens and selling the country down the tubes.

How the hell does this guy get elected???? Oh - voters are STUPID - Sorry, I forgot.

Fight islam Now

GeorgeH said...

Support an opponent?

That's assuming there will ever be another real open election after Rahm Emanuel "supervises" the 2010 Census.

Anonymous said...

The Maine you recall may not have been willing to put up with Snowe and Collins' statist voting record, but that must have been a long time ago indeed. The Maine I live in right now is wallowing in it and begging for more.

Maine is a grim demonstration of just how cheaply Americans can be bought with a few handouts. Forget Maine. It's just socialism with the Second Amendment — except Portland, which is socialism without.

Dan said...

Not even certain that you can call Arlen a Republicrat after this sellout... The last that I remember hearing about this guy was how angry he was at athletes for using 'roids and how he wanted them in front of congress... I guess having our elected officials chasing after users is substantially better than having them meddle elsewhere.

As for the two from Maine, I hate that the far Northeastern land has apparently slid so far right that I would no longer recognize it either.