Thursday, May 07, 2009

4H Shooters in the News

The 4H shooting sports program is a great vehicle for introducing kids to firearm safety and the shooting sports. Daughter #3 was involved with the 4H and competed with everything from air rifles to .50 caliber black powder rifles. In pistol classes she shot .22's and Bullseye with a Kimber Match Grade .45.

It always pleases me to see the 4H shooting sports in the news.

From the San Saba News & Star:

By Sara Hedley

And now, the results you all have been waiting for! Drum roll, please.

San Saba County 4-H Shooting Sports Team’s scores in the Texas 4-H Extravaganza! The biggest annual Texas 4-H Shooting Sports competitions are held every year at the 4-H center in Texas. Teams from every county in the state visit for a weekend to participate in this extraordinary event. This year’s event was held Saturday, April 18th. Entering from our county was the Shooting Sports team’s finest: Wyatt Deans, Seth Bishop, Caelob Hardman, Ron Gerhart, Sara Hedley, Melanie Hedley, Brendon McDuffee, and Anthony Montalbo...
Good job guys, hope you make it to the State Games this Summer.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! How nice it is to see some GOOD gun news involving youth! I wish the MSM would publish more.

B Woodman