Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Employer Parking Lot Bill Update

It appears that Representative Brian McCall, Chairman of the House Calendars Committee, has tagged SB730 and will either not let it out of Calendars Committee, or set it so late on the calendar that it will not make it to the floor in time for debate and a vote.

Brian McCall is a Collin County Republican who needs to hear from us.

SB 730 passed the Senate with a unanimous vote of 31-0. The Texas Senate sent this bill to the House expecting it to be passed in short order, and this one individual is holding it up.

Please take a moment to contact the office of Brian McCall and firmly, and politely, let him know that we expect SB730 to make it to the House floor in time for a vote. It is to late for emails. Phone calls and faxes are the order of business unless email is your only avenue of communication.

(512) 463-0594

(512) 463-5896 Fax

After calling Rep. McCall's office, call the Calendars Committee at (512) 463-0758 with the same message.

Next on the list would be Speaker of the House Joe Straus. He is the ranking Republican and it should be in his interest to see to it that legislation that is in agreement with the Texas Republican Party Platform, and has the support of a majority of the House, make it to the House floor.

His contact information: (512) 463-0686 or (512) 463-1000 if the first number rolls over into voice mail, and (512) 463-0675 Fax

If you are a Texan gun owner, you need to step up and make these calls.



Dock said...

Done - on all counts.

Joe Strauss' staff was the most polite of the bunch.


Tim Covington said...

I've called all 3 numbers and voiced my support.

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