Monday, May 04, 2009

We Received...

...our "2009 Property Value Notice" from the Tarrant County Appraisal District over the weekend. When I saw that letter in the mail, I was all set to get "irked" over Tarrant County increasing the value of the property so they can get more taxes out of us at the end of the year.

As it turns out, the county did the right thing and reduced our appraised value. As a matter of fact, the appraised value went down 3.9%. That is 3.9% less I have to pay for property taxes next year (time for the happy dance). Seeing as how our property taxes all add up to 2.55% of the appraised value of the house, that is a nice reduction.

On a side note, the appraised value is still more than what I paid for the house. Have I mentioned that I got a good deal on this house?

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Ride Fast said...

Good for you.

We had to fight with the property appraiser and the tax authority to get a reduction.

Of course, Cali is doomed tax wise so it wasn't surprising.