Tuesday, May 19, 2009

To Paraphrase Mark Twain -

Rumors of the Texas Campus Carry Legislation's demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Today the Senate surprised me by by taking SB1164 through it's second reading. Even better yet is that our Senators defeated several amendments to the bill that would have pretty much defeated it's purpose. The final vote at the end of the second reading was 20-10 for.

As the vote was 20-10, this bill should very well pass on the third reading and be sent on to the House. Hopefully the third reading and final vote will take place tomorrow.

Once SB1164 is passed by the Senate, we still have a very long row to hoe to get campus carry passed into law during this legislative session.

When SB1164 reaches the house, it's first stop will be in the Public Safety Committee. We should be able to move through this committee quickly and without further amendments.

Once through the Public Safety Committee, the bill goes to Calendars. The Chair of the Calendars Committee, Representative Brian McCall, pretty much killed the House version of this bill and is working to kill the Employer Parking Lot bill that has also passed the Senate.

If you are up for a couple of phone calls in the morning, please call Senator Uresti and Senator Lucio. Thank them for their support of SB1164 and encourage them to suspend the rules to allow the third reading of SB1164 tomorrow and also to vote for this bill (SB1164).

Senator Uresti 512.463.0119.

Senator Lucio 512.463.0127.

Once this bill makes it out of the House Public Safety Committee, it will be time to flood the entire Calendars Committee with emails, calls and faxes. We do have some good people on that committee, we need to make enough noise that their voices have a bit more strength than they do now.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully these bills will pass! We had three new laws passed in Utah this year, each of them clarifying and preserving our rights. http://www.sltrib.com/news/ci_12345824 The article was written by our local liberal paper but the info is good.