Friday, May 15, 2009

My Shoot House Video

This video is of my shoot house run at Blackwater during the Gun Blogger Weekend with Todd Jarrett last summer. I didn't do to bad. I neutralized all the targets and did not put any holes in the no-shoots. I blew my magazine changes. I had enough magazines on hand that I could have changed mags on the move between rooms but still shot my pistol dry every time. This weekend was one of the highlights of my year, and I have you folks who voted for me to thank for the opportunity.

So why haven't I posted this video earlier? Basically because I am a bit embarrassed by my weight. I have put on 90 pounds or so over the last 8 years, most of it since I stopped smoking.

How did I gain so much weight? Silly question. I ate to much and exercised to little. My main problem is my affinity for fast food during lunch and a good beer or two after work.

It is time for that all to change, I need to lose the weight.

This morning I joined the Medifast VIP Program and ordered my first month of Medifast meals. When the package arrives, I will get with the program and lose this weight. I've got 90 pounds to lose and I will be succeed.

Beer, especially the beer I like, is very detrimental to success in this program. So this is going to be a hedonistic foodie and beer weekend before I start on the program. I have a six pack of Oaked Arrogant Bastard, a bottle of the regular Arrogant Bastard Ale (which I am enjoying right now), and a bottle of Mephistopheles' Stout for the weekend. I most likely won't get through the six pack (so DW should come on over and have a beer sometime this weekend), but these are my favorites that are available locally so what the heck.

I do have a question for you guys. When I get started on the program, are you interested in keeping up with my progress? I don't want to turn this into a fat guys weight loss blog, but if you are interested, I can post a bi-weekly progress report or something along those lines.

Oh, hope you enjoyed the video. Todd Jarrett is a blast to hang out with. When I reach my goal weight I will talk with TJ over at Tiger Valley and see if I can get some video running through his shoot house to compare before and afters.


Anonymous said...

I was able to lose 30 pounds since January. My secret is eat less and move more, ha. I started drinking a generic brand of Slimfast for breakfast for a month. Then I drank Slimfast for breakfast and lunch for a month. After that my stomach shrunk to a manageable amount. I cannot eat the portions like I use to. Then I kept the less eating and combined that with exercise. I feel much better and have much more energy after losing that fat.

I hope you the best. I don't know what your plan is but once a week I would let myself have a unhealthy lunch or dinner as a treat to myself.

dw said...

you will have to save me a couple since we already have plans this weekend. i know you will succeed with the weight loss as you do with everything else. and as for as the video goes i don't think you gave any gremlins a chance to see your 90 pounds. great time and great shooting.

Anonymous said...

100% support behind you, JR. I need to lose 20 lbs myself, maybe missing a few work BBQ's would help!

Florian said...

Love the Arrogant Bastard Ale. Everytime I try to quit smoking I end up substituting M&M's for smokes and gain 20lbs. If the diet doesn't work, P90x does make your body hurt in new and creative ways though ;)

Fits said...

Turned 59 last week and once again took stock of my size, but it at least hides well because of my height. So far neither the docs nor Lisa are making noises but I know damned well I'd feel better if I could drop to 250 or so. Trouble is we work hard all our young lives then want to sit back and enjoy stuff too much when we get old and retired and stuff.

I say as long as your blood pressure and cholesterol and all that junk is within reason then take the weight loss gradually. We only live once, partner and torturing ourselves as we approach the golden years just sucks.

3Dogs said...

Good luck J.R and please post your progress. I did drive by the gym today, maybe tomorrow I'll see what it looks like inside.

tjbbpgobIII said...

Yes, please post your results. Maybe that would give a 65year old man who just had to order a 5'-0" long belt from Ranger Belts a little push to get started again.

Ride Fast said...

Hey, nice job in the shoot house. I noticed you tended to look around corners before bursting into the next room. Realistic.

You're 90 over? OK if you say so but coulda fooled me.

I don't know squat about dieting but I'd imagine posting your progress would...encourage...some discipline.

Good luck.

John R said...

Thanks y'all. Once I get started I'll post a couple times a week or so. I placed my order on Friday so the meals should be here some time this week.

My blood pressure, cholesterol and all that is good. Just need to start working now to keep it that way. The longer I put it off, the harder it will be.

Kirk said...

I also started the Medifast program.

I lost 23 pounds in the first month. I had to go over seas for 5 weeks (in the middle of week 2) I brought food but without a microwave at the work site I am having a hard time. plus Schwarmas are very tasty.

I am still doing 3 meals a day on the medifast program but it is tough...

I started at 267 pounds. Was at 243 when I left the states.

I want to get to 180ish.

Good Luck...