Monday, May 11, 2009

DoubleTapper on Obama's Plan Concerning Israel

What with the Obama Administration (OA) taking over automobile manufacturers, nationalizing much of our monetary system and merrily leading us down the Primrose Path towards Socialism, it has been easy to lose focus on how the OA has been treating our friends and allies.

Even before the election we understood that Barack Obama would not be much of a friend to Israel. DoubleTapper points out that the OA's stance towards Israel may go far beyond just giving them a cold shoulder in Obama's Plan to Destroy Israel.

Give it a read.

Update: While reading through my blog list I found that Rustmeister posted a complementary column that fits in quite well here - More Anti-Israel Shenanigans.

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the pistolero said...

I hate it for Israel, and America too...but I don't have any sympathy for the American Jews. They voted for Urkel knowing full well he would kowtow to those who wished to see Israel destroyed.