Tuesday, February 05, 2013

A Little Upgrade

I finally got tired of waiting on my computer to get anything done so I finally decided to upgrade my memory.  Changed out the two 512MB memory sticks for four 1GB sticks.  So far so good.

Maybe now I can open more than two windows at a time without crashing.


John R said...

Oh yes, the 'puter is much happier with some memory. Not as nice as something made in this decade, but still very workable.

peter kenneth said...

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Rabbit said...

I never thought I'd get away from a desktop/tower model, but this laptop I picked up 18 months ago might possibly be good enough to hold me for the next four years, especially if Windows continues to suck rocks and I go back to Linux full time. Core i5@2.30Ghz, shipped w/ 4gb, added another 4Gb the day after it arrives. It never breaks a sweat even when I'm compiling. Even better is that I paid less for it than a good tablet.