Saturday, February 02, 2013

The Second Amendment and the Modern World

David E. Young has written a post that covers, in a nutshell, the meaning and purpose of the Second Amendment based on the original understanding, and how that purpose fits into the modern world.

A snipped from his post to catch your interest:
The citizens in 1789 relied on flintlock firearms just as the soldiers of a period army. At that time, a standing army in time of peace was the face of tyranny. Today, the face of tyranny is just as common in the world, but is much more intrusive and dangerous, and is usually referred to as a police state. Americans have the constitutional right and duty to prevent the establishment of any police state in the United States. The people must keep their government under their control, which is accomplished, not by fighting, which is only a last resort, but by making certain that violations of the Constitution by those at the helm of government are challenged and reversed.

We the people have a duty and a responsibility to challenge violations to our Constitution.  We have been derelict in our duties.

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