Monday, February 25, 2013

Good Thing I'm Right Eye Dominant

First thing yesterday morning I helped a friend take down a dead Post Oak in his front yard.  Post Oak trunks stay pretty thick for a good ways up there so you can picture my old rear end up a tree with my 24" Husqvarna Rancher chain saw.  Note to self, I may be getting a bit old to be climbing trees with a chain saw.

Well anyway a couple of the cuts were overhead and some sawdust got behind my glasses, no big deal.  Wipe off the dust and keep going.  Well at about 0100 this AM, I wake up with a lot of pain in my left eye.  Rinsed it out with warm water, didn't help.  Took pictures with my phone (nice troubleshooting tool for injuries you can't see by the way), and did not see anything, so back to bed.  Couldn't sleep so just laid there until it was time to get up and go to work.  About half way to work decided it was kind of silly to be driving on the freeway when I couldn't see so came back home and waited for the local Doc in a Box to open.

Turns out I somehow scratched my cornea. Interesting that I couldn't feel it until the middle of the night.

The Doc prescribed a couple different kind of drops that make it bearable.  Should be good as gold in a couple of days.


Just John said...

Easily damaged and impossible (so far) to replace; gotta take care of those peepers.

John R said...

Yep, not like you can pick up a new one at the corner store.