Tuesday, February 12, 2013

This is Your Representative on Guns

The Daily Beast has put together an interesting, and useful, site to help determine where your Representative stands on the issue of gun control.

What do your elected representatives think about guns-and how are they likely to vote on upcoming gun-control legislation?

In the coming weeks, legislation that would govern things like background checks, the availability of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and gun-show regulations will be debated in the media, in living rooms and, perhaps most importantly, on the floors of the House and Senate. How our elected representatives vote will ultimately make the difference.

This is something we have the right and the ability to influence. To help clarify a complex state of play, The Daily Beast has created a tool that classifies every member of Congress according to their stance on gun control, based on our best assessment of publicly available information: statements, voting records, ratings from both the National Rifle Association and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, and dollar contributions from the gun lobby
This site is very flexible and offers several ways to filter the congress critters and get a snap shot of where your representatives stand, and might vote on future gun control legislation.  I check up on Senator Tom Coburn and found his information up to date and accurate.

As you can see, they do have his current stance on supporting a total ban on private firearm sales.  His Brady rating should be going up very soon.

Speaking of mandatory background check legislation, this site also has an updated Twitter feed from the congress critters.  It looks like the new hot button words that will be used to sell universal, or mandatory, background checks are "stop gun trafficking". 

Check it out, this site does have a lot to offer.

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