Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Dinner

Valentine's dinner was prepared for my Sweetie and my 1st grader granddaughter.  The menu included roast King Salmon, Crab Cakes, pan fried potatoes and mixed berries.  Granddaughter Avery really enjoyed her dinner, as did my Sweetie.

The wine I chose for tonight's meal was Eyrie Vineyards '09 BlackCap Pinot Noir.  The BlackCap Pinot is an excellent expression of the grape.  The '09 is just now coming into it's own and could stand maybe another year or so in the cellar.  Let this one breath for a good hour in the decanter or your glass to let it open up and express itself fully.  This is a limited production of only 20 barrels, so grab it while you can.  My bottle was #31 out of 6056.

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