Sunday, November 19, 2006

Sunday's Blog of The Week

Tamara of View From The Porch has commenced a new blog project, The Arms Room. I will let her describe it in her own words:

When I was younger, I had a notion that the house I lived in when I grew up would have a room in it that was just for me. Darkly panelled, richly carpeted, filled with overstuffed furniture, a cozy writing desk, and with a cheerfully crackling fireplace, the walls would be lined with bookshelves. Hanging here and there on the walls between the shelves would be various historic arms: A Roman gladius, a Brown Bess musket, a Garand. Scattered on the shelves, there were other knick-knacks: an old British pith helmet, a bronze sword, a shadowbox with various old bits of military regalia. There was a suit of armor standing in the corner. It would be my own personal little museum and library.

This space on the web will serve much that same purpose for me. Over at my main blog, View From The Porch, I get a fair number of Google hits on "Mannlicher-Schoenauer", "Gew. 88" and the like as a result of my "From The Vault" and "Ask Auntie Gun Nut" posts. I'll be using this space as a repository for those in the future, and seeing where it grows from there. I hope it makes it easier for those trying to do research, being able to access the data without having to wade through my bad jokes, sarcastic political commentary, and day-to-day bloggery.
If you enjoy firearms (umm.. why else would you be on this site?) and history, then The Arms Room is for you.

So warm a snifter of good brandy and make yourself comfortable, and enjoy Tamara's latest endeavor.

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