Saturday, December 29, 2007

Day at the Gun Show

This last weekend of 2007 is also the weekend of the last gun show of 2007. This weekend's show is put on by High Caliber, and is at the Will Rogers Center in Fort Worth.

It seems there was a good turn out today. I went with my youngest daughter (who is visiting from Delaware), and we had a good time cruising the tables. Fits almost has me talked into buying a Glock, so I spent some time fondling the Tupperware.

A couple of vendors were conspicuous by there absence, but there was still plenty to had from the ones that did make it.

I have had an interest in the HK USC for quite awhile now. I've imagined it to be a good, but expensive, truck gun as it utilizes the same cartridge as my sidearm.


There was a used one at the show today and I had a chance to shoulder it and check out it's feel. The safety switch was a little out of my reach but the rest of the rifle felt good. Sure would like to get one of these out to the range.

Another neat rifle I had the chance to fondle was a Steyr AUG.

Steyr Aug A1

Now that felt good all the way around. Another one I would like to get out to the range.

All in all a good show. A nice turn out and appeared to be plenty of business taking place at the tables. I was going to pick up some 230 grain RN bullets, but one guy was sold out and the other only had a package of 50 left. So I ended up with 50.

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