Tuesday, December 18, 2007

More Dancing in the Blood of Innocents

There are organizations who view atrocities such as the mall shooting in Omaha with delight, letters to editors (and contributors) penned and sent before the blood even has time to dry. They look forward to this type of devastation as they feel the publicity surrounding these tragedies will advance their political goals. These folks are referred to as "Blood Dancers".

An example from The Grand Island Independent:

The world was stunned by the senseless shootings at the Westroads Mall and we mourn for the families and friends of the victims. While nothing can ease the pain of the survivors, it is time for the firearms industry and Nebraska Game and Parks to take partial responsibility for these wanton acts of violence, since incidents such as these expose the fine line between violence against wildlife and violence against humans.

Soon after the shootings took place, NBC4.com reported that Robert Hawkins was seen with a gun and was believed to be going hunting, something he did quite often. Hawkins now joins other infamous killers such as the teens who slaughtered twelve Columbine High School students in Littleton, Colorado in 1999, and the Jonesboro, Arkansas children who killed four classmates and a teacher in 1998, who were hunters before turning their guns toward people.

Sadly, the killing skills used by Hawkins are taught to Nebraska's children by the Game and Parks Commission under the guise of "Hunter Education." As long as state agencies conspire with the weapons industry in promoting violence as recreation, senseless killings will always take place.

Firearms and ammunition excise taxes are allocated to support and promote sport hunting - violence disguised as recreation - and the wildlife management business benefits every time a gun or ammunition is purchased, regardless of how those weapons are used. The time has come to re-write the firearms tax laws and have gun taxes support the medical/funeral expenses of the victims of gun violence, as well as supporting crime fighting programs.

Please join our members and supports in Grand Island and across the nation in eradicating the cancer of sport hunting forever. Visit www.cashwildwatch.org to help make the world a safer place for wildlife and people.

Joe Miele,

Vice President

The Committee to Abolish Sport Hunting

New Paltz, NY
This drivel is not even worth Fisking, it just goes to show the company that is being kept by the likes of the Brady Bunch and other Antis.

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