Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Shots in the City

Local Dallas radio station, KRLD News Radio 1080, aired a three part series titled "Shots in the City". Part 1 is an introduction to the issue, and you can listen to it here -

Note that the reporter, B.J. Austin, lists total gunshot patients. There is no differentiating between lawful and unlawful shootings. Granted, the majority of these shootings are gang and goblin related, but if you are going to make a point that criminal shootings are on the rise, you should use figures that do not include shootings that are determined to be justified.

I also find it interesting that a good portion of the segment is dedicated to listening to the Rev. Peter Johnson. You remember Reverend Johnson don't you? He testified against the Castle Doctrine Bill at the Criminal Jurisprudence Committee's public hearing on HB 284. At that meeting he testified that 85% of the firearms bought in local gun "buy back" programs were stolen (That irks me to this day, these gun buy back folks are encouraging crack heads to break into your home looking for a firearm to sell, no questions asked).

They even brought in the old "Saturday Night Special" line, music and all.

I'm just surprised that they did not bring out Marsha McCartney, the Texas Brady Bunch representative.

Part 2 tomorrow.

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Hyunchback said...

It is time we forced them to admit that the real definition of "Saturday Night Special" is an anti-gun editorial written for the Sunday OpEd page when the editors trot out the same lies they have told all along as to why their readers can not be trusted to bear arms.

THAT is a "Saturday Night Special" and it really is dangerous and needs to be eliminated.

Oh? Mr. Editor doesn't like it when I talk about taking away HIS favorite amendment?