Saturday, December 01, 2007

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It has been a long day. 10 hours at work, cook dinner (broiled NY Strip, baked potato, fruit and a nice Spanish Garnacha), and play with youngest granddaughter. Not to mention that there is a Stars game on the tube.

So tonight it is all linky, no thinky.

From the sidebar:

45superman has great news about Illinois counties that still support liberty in Hey Cook County--you're going the wrong way! (Needless to say, Cook County is not on the side of individual liberty)

Alan makes a great point With her dad's old .38.

Sailorcurt reports that the Norfolk SWAT team successfully assaults home, an empty home that is.

And of course Cowboy Blob has his Weekend Caption/Photoshop Contest up and running.

A Jacksonian covers The Gupta Connections and the influence it buys. This is a good read and well worth your time.

Stan has a Quote of the Day and points out that Lou Dobbs gets fired up over open borders.

Syd has posted his latest roundup in News from The Sight M1911, Volume 273.

Gun Law News has a couple of Law Questions for us.

And E. David has an interesting perspective on the Second Amendment from 1901 in And what have we here? ... .

Firehand is wondering "Gee, which minority candidate do I owe my vote to?" , well... not really, but if you want to see who is canceling out your vote, give it a read.

The Pistolero notes that some of our kids in school just do not get it in More of the Same, This Time from Harvard.

In talking about the GOP YouTube debate, Mike asks for Equal Time for GOP at Next Dem Debate?

Civis Proeliator points out a disinformation strategy meant to make anti firearm policies appear effective in It’s All In The Numbers.

Ryan asks Is Congress powerless to the ATF?

And Ride Fast points out that the California government is anti-wealth .

Say Uncle posts More on* Paul Helmke and the youtube videos.

Robb is commenting on The lingering nostalgia of freedom , a reminder that we really do have our work cut out for us.

Fits offers up some first hand experience with Make a Hole. Make It Wide. Some good info for you who might depend upon a .357 in a tight situation.

Fred mentions that Confederate flag supporters upset by Romney, Thompson.

Catfish has been getting back into shape for One year going.... . That is something I am also working on. Down 20 lbs so far.

A Jacksonian lists The Responsibilities of those running for President , if you only read one article from this list, it should be this one.

D. Martyn has a commentary on Hillary's attempt to appear Christian, and to be appealing to Christians with Hillary Gets Standing Ovation at Evangelical Church .

Kevin has a great post concerning Sean Taylor's death. Kevin wrote his post well before the goblins were caught, but he and the man he quoted were right on the money in Here's a Voice I Thought I'd Never Hear.

Denise has an interesting commentary on the Rioting in France.

David points out how we are all terrorist in Sweet Homegrown Terrorist Alabama.

Existingthing reminds us of an interview where Wayne Lapierre slammed CNN. NRA: "CNN, your reporter FAKED that story!"

USCitizen promotes Major League Infidel products, something I need (OBTW, thanks for taking care of that transfer the other day).

Tam and the latest GOP debate, What an amazing pack of scoundrels.

John gives us a look at his story telling abilities with Just a Bit of Fiction, he needs to give us the next chapter (hint, hint)

Xavier uses the news to point out the importance of firearm safety with Rule Two.

Okay, that took quite a bit longer than anticipated. My hat is off to folks like Syd and D. Martyn who make roundups a part of the service they offer to the rest of us.


TexasFred said...

Some folks are taking this flag thing very seriously, one site I have listed on several blog rolls sent me a request to be removed from the Thompson roll and he removed ALL Thompson support from his site...

I respect his loyalty to the Confederacy but none of the candidates are going to stand up and say 'Hell Yeah, fly the flag, it's our heritage', it just won't be done, by ANY of em...

Thanks for the link, I DO seriously appreciate it...

TexasFred said...

And THIS crap will get your blood to pumping as well...

Giuliani on Guns…

A Jacksonian said...

My thanks for taking the time to read those articles!

They are clarifying my problem with the current political set-ups, and that is, actually, making it harder to support anyone out there. That was something I had not thought possible...