Friday, May 30, 2008

100,000th Visitor

A Keyboard and a .45 will have it's 100,000th visitor sometime in the next few hours. If you happen to be that visitor, please email a screen shot showing the site meter at the bottom of the page, and I will send you the book (or video) of your choice off of my side bar under the "Recommended Reading/Viewing" header.

The email address is in my profile

Good Luck!


Anonymous said...


Missed it by 100, congrats that is a big milestone.

I really enjoy reading a fellow Arlington resident's blog.

Congrats again sir

John R said...

Thank you Bob.

I appreciate your reading the blog. If you ever want to hit the range, just holler. Any excuse to get on the firing line is a good excuse to me.

Anonymous said...


I agree we need to hit the range. As a newbie, I know I don't spend enough time at the range. Unfortunately, it will have to be the middle of June at least. The middle child is graduating this weekend.

What range do you normally haunt? I'm a member at Arlington Sportsman Club.

John R said...

I'm a member at Johnson County Shooting Sports Association in Alverado.

Congrats on the graduation!