Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sarah Steelman Bought a Gun Today

Who is Sarah Steelman you ask? She is the current Missouri State Treasurer and is running for Governor as a Republican.

Sarah Steelman

It seems she purchased a rifle for your 13 year old son today.

From The Star:

By Jason Noble

Getting to Ammo Alley from Jefferson City is pretty easy — you get on Highway 63 North and then take a hard right.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Sarah Steelman did just that this afternoon, visiting the rural Hartsburg gun shop with the two goals: to buy a rifle for her 13-year-old son and broadcast her commitment to the Second Amendment.
Jason has a bit of trouble hiding his contempt for the candidate in this piece, but he does get the salient points in print.

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Fits said...

Oh boy. She bought a rifle for someone else. Surprising they aren't screaming STRAW PURCHASE.