Friday, May 16, 2008

Day One in Louisville

We got a late start from home this morning. Decided that Kimber had to stay home, we did not have time to get through security with the extra steps. Turns out the plane left late, I would have had time after all.

The pilot did a good job of putting his foot in it and we landed just a few minutes later than scheduled. When we got to the rental car, V found her Kimber Guardian Angel in the side pocket of her Versipack. Oooops...

I'm not sure how TSA missed that one. We did prove one thing today, the Secret Service does a much better job of checking bags than the TSA.

We bypassed the hotel and headed straight to the Kentucky Exposition Center. Picking up the press passes as a breeze. The media line to enter the Celebration of American Values Forum was short, and security was tight. The pepper spray did not make it in. Corkscrews, ammo, and drinks were a few of the items that ended in the trash from folks in line ahead of us.

The forum was well attended and I have a ton of notes and audio from the speakers. But it is late, and I am tired, and this laptop is giving me troubles. I'll not be able to do the forum justice.

Meeting, greeting and dinner with the other bloggers at Bass Pro Shops was a great idea, another thing I will have to talk about tomorrow.

Until then...

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