Friday, May 09, 2008

Lou Dobbs on Olofson

What? You haven't heard of David Olofson? That is my fault for not being more proactive on this case which highlights in great detail the abuses of the BATFE. I have not raised the flag on this recent atrocity against a free citizen of the United States by the Federal .gov, and for that I am ashamed.

David Codrea of The War on Guns has been keeping us up to date on this (and other) cases of abuse by the BATFE, and should be commended.

Lou Dobbs, of CNN, is covering this case and has two excellent segments that you really must see for yourselves.

Segment 1.

Segment 2.

Please, watch both segments. This was not done under a Clinton administration, but under George Bush and his unconfirmed director of the BAFTE, Michael J. Sullivan.

The BATFE is getting very bold in their arrogance. It is past time that congress put a leash on this dog.


Anonymous said...

well let me not be the first to say that Dobbs rocks! what are these people thinking? on the other hand, what are the people who run this gun range thinking. have they no experience in firearms? they called the police? something does not seem right here.

as always, very informative jr.

Anonymous said...

I watched this segment tonight and have just coincidentally stumbled across it here. I dont think Dobbs dished the whole story. This guy has to have modified this AR-15. repeatable automatic fire, overstraped ATF, fairly liberal gun friendly state, the range notified the authorities, guilty conviction???? I support the NRA but I also support prosecuting goofballs when they do illegal things. I would love to modify a semiauto to full auto but guess what 'Kant Do It'!

John R said...


Why let facts get in the way of your comments? You might try getting a bit more background on this case before coming to the conclusion "This guy has to have...", because he did not. If you are a gun owner, this case should scare the bejesus out of you.

Don said...

30 months at FCI Sandstone in Sandstone, MN; must voluntarily surrender there by July 2.

Sad state of affairs; hope the appeal goes through.

See here for more.

John R said...

Thanks for the note Don, appreciated.